Slacktivism - Cut it Some Slack

My project is finally finished.  I have saved it on multiple platforms.  My interviews were completed a few weeks ago.  The students I did interview, I received special permission from their parents.  I have shown one parent, the involvement of his son, and he really enjoyed what his son had to say.  This project has been challenging and exciting at the same time.  I will add my Diigo account at the end of this tack, in regards to my research and notes that I have included in the iMovie presentation.  I included a conceptual model that  speaks to the participation of people via social media in regards to an awareness.  Malcolm Gladwell was also included in the conversation, based on his views concerning weak ties.  Granovetter would refute Gladwell based on his research on weak ties.  As a result, I included two interviews in my iMovie project- that shows a weakness in regards to weak ties and a strength.  I gathered images from several websites and included a video montage.  

I actually lost my voiceovers a few days ago, which made it very frustrating.  Seeking help  from Neil to doing website searches, I had to start all over, but luckily I still had my images and interviews saved.  The video ends with the viewers being left to answer the question about slacktivism.  Here is a link to Diigo: