If your wize you'll move in no time!

New England Colonies
By: Jeniyah Smith

New Hampshire, Massachusettes, Conneticut, and Rhode Island are all part of the New England Colonies.

The New England Colonies is a great place to live. Just read below and is shows.

You should move to New England because of all the great thing there are. So many kinds of weather are in the New England Colonies. Whatever kind you prefer it will be in the there some time or another. As you see below it can be cold, hot, snowy, or rainy. There's no problem in making money. There are so many job oportunities that you can take depending on what interest you. Food is not a problem there is plenty of sea food too. This shows that the New England Colonies is the place to be.

What's the weather?


The average tempature is 80-85 degrees fahrenheit. In the nighttime it cools off therefor it is perfect for bon fires, roasting marshmellows, and making smores!


The average tempeture is 45-50 degrees fahrenheit. This is perfect weather to go around the New England Colony while the air is cool and crisp. The sights that the colorful leaves bring are quite a sight to see too!


About 35 inches is the average snowfall for Southern New England Colonies. The upper mountains recieve about 100 inches. All of the people that love snow, and building snowmen, snowangles, and having a snowball fight you will love the upper mountains!


40-60 degrees fahrenheit is the average temputure. This is great weather for planting flowers and other plants because it rains some too which will naturaly water the plants.


The fishing is the main sorce of food because of the rocky soil. Want a fur coat? No problem furs are one of the main things that used in the New England Colonies. Lumbering is also very popular. If you want to build your own boat for trading reasons no problem there is plenty of wood! Want to build your own home that you've always dreamed about? Not a problem there is plentny of wood for any home you desire!

Plenty of wood for any deam!

Making Money?

Whaling, fishing, lumbering, and furs were all thing that would make money. If you are into fishing, whaling, lumbering or making furs there are so many easy ways to make a profit!

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