Ice Ice Baby



1. I made the theme my own by taking a picture of a tree outside my house. I was thinking about what I wanted to do and then we had a snow/ice storm so I decided to take a picture right after it happened. When I think of ice I think of winter so it fit perfect!

2. I like how the branches are really dark because it makes the rest of the photo pop. I also like how the branches look.

3. I would maybe change how I took the photo, like the angle. I think I could of gotten a better shot of the tree to make it look cooler.

4. The actions I ran were Ashley's Clean action nice and easy to clean it up. Then I ran Nelly Nero Daydream action and used the whipped cream and poised peach actions. This gave it the cool look that the branches have and I think really captured the stormy look.

5. I like Allison's ice photo from this week because it looked like she put a lot of work into it by making the different colored ice, it was the most unique.