Max Chartrand

Health Care Researcher, Educator, and Consultant

About Max Chartrand

Dr. Max Chartrand has promoted a sense of well-being, productivity, independence, and health among patients and colleagues for more than 37 years. Experienced in both research and education within communicative disorders and behavioral medicine, Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand continued to promote that work as professor and doctoral research chair, and in countless continuing education seminars for professionals of a multitude of specialties.

Dr. Max Chartrand remains dedicated to his work in healthcare, which includes specializations in health psychology, neurophysiology, hearing sciences, and auditory rehabilitation. As an individual who utilizes assistive technology for auditory functions, such as a cochlear implant, Dr. Chartrand has also focused on the eligibility of candidates to receive such devices. In addition, he maintains advisory appointments and committee memberships with organizations such as the International Hearing Society, Audiology Online, Society of Behavioral Medicine, American Tinnitus Association, Better Hearing Institute, and the World Congress of Positive Psychology.

Due to his extensive publications, lectures, and seminars, Dr. Max Chartrand was the recipient of the Joel S. Wernick Excellence in Education Award in 1994 in the hearing health field. In addition, he maintains membership in the National Speakers Assocation, where he continues to make himself available as a motivational speaker on topics that can change lives for the better.

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