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You're here because either you follow me on Instagram, and said "Hm. It's that dude's website, I better go look at it, and see what it's all about!" OR you're some creepy dude on the internet, and want to do some creepy stuff. Well if you're any of those people, GO AWAY! There's nothing to see here. Just a bunch of stupid stuff, that you probably don't care about. Nothing interesting. Also, you should probably get off of your device, because when you're old and can't read the tiny writing on the medicine to a life-threatening disease like Ebola, you're going to wish you listened to ME!... Okay, I'm going to give you till the count of five to go away. 1...2...3! You are so STOOPID! That's right!                    S-T-O-O-P-I-D! I hope I spelled it right. Anyways, FINE! You want to see blogs and whatever? FINE! Just don't expect me to be all "Dear blog this!" and "Dear blog that!" Huh. That sounds like a certain someone I know from a certain book I know.



Today was Thursday! Yes! Almost Friday! Although, it wasn't the best Thursday. English was shortened, and Science was loooong. Ugh. I frickin' HATE Science. Science sucks. You wanna know why? First of all it's BO-RING! And second, the teacher hates me. She hates me so much, she once gave me lunch detention for talking. FRICKIN' TALKING! If she caught Hairy (See Key) talking, she wouldn't do ANYTHING. I don't know why she hates me. I'm not a troublemaker or anything.



FRIDAY! FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! Yep. You guessed it. It's Friday. Right now I'm in English, and I just want to let everyone who reads this blog (Probably Nobody) know that I have an Instagram, and it's maxican0729, so go ahead and follow me if you want, I post as much as I can.

Ugghh. Math Exams. Probably the worst idea ever. Especially on a FRIDAY! What a bad way to go to the weekend. Hopefully I'll get a good grade. Oh man, that teacher is almost always in a bad mood. And she's a sexist. She's always "Boys do this!" and "Boys do that!" and "Why can't you behave more like the girls?" I've lost count of how many times she's held JUST BOYS back for almost HALF A PERIOD! Anyways, math is my worst subject, and I've hated it since 1st grade. So of course, I didn't finish my math exam in time, which made me have to sit in my least favorite teacher's class for almost ALL of 7th period. And of course, there's a fire drill, when it just so happens to be freezing outside, which forces me to stand out in the BLISTERING COLD for 20 minutes, with no jacket. At least I wasn't in P.E. yet. I would've had to go out there in my UNIFORM, which is shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.

On the bright side though, it's Friday, and there's a teacher-work-day on Monday, which means I 'll have a three day WEEKEND! Yes!

By the way, I want to let you dudes know that I created a thing for Social Studies, and it's pretty funny. Check it out by clicking the link below:

Also my friend @Bruhimdabruh created a website of the most trippy GIFs of all time, and if you want to check THAT out, click this link:


Woke up on a Saturday morning at 11:00 to one of my favorites:

So I'm at my mom's house, and I notice that my sister's eye is SUPER swollen. It's probably not Pink Eye, it dosen't itch, it's not sensitive to light, and it's not watery. If it's Pink Eye, that would SUUUUUCK. We'd have to go to a doctor instead of seeing a movie. You know, now that I think about it, I guess that wouldn't be SO bad. I wouldn't have to pay for snacks, and I wouldn't have to risk seeing a bad movie.You see, the movie that we were planning on seeing was ANNIE. It has Jamie Foxx in it, and it didn't get over a three-star rating. I wanted to see Selma, but NoOoOoOoO, Vivienne gets to decide EVERYTHING. Hopefully I'll see Selma on Monday. Vivienne has to go to school, so that means that I might have a slight chance of seeing Selma. You know, in the past decade, there's been a crap-load of bio movies. Here's a few:

See what I mean? And that's just from the past year! Anyways, we're off to see the movie, hope we don't start an epidemic. :-P

Okay, so we went to the doctor AND saw the movie, and on the good side, it's NOT PINK EYE. It's just some infection. But, on the other hand, the movie SUCKED, AND I payed for snacks. >:-(

Well, that's all for today, and if you haven't already, go check out my other website that I made for school in the link below. Peace out!


Holy crap. Just found a parody to one of my favorite songs. XD Listen to both below :

My mom's house has drowned in hand sanitizer. There's bottles in EVERY SINGLE ROOM, and poor Vivienne's right eye is nonexistent.

I can't imagine that we're going anywhere today. You know, Vivienne has a talent at milking things beyond believable, and of course, my parents believe it ALL. I mean she straight-up TELLS them that she's milking it. "Daddy, I hurt my leg at school, can you carry me inside?" " I'm sorry baby, of course I will!" And then later, he needs to tell her to stop running around the house. "Mommy, I'm hungry, can I have eight cookies?" "Of course, baby, I'm sorry!" And then at dinnertime, she says she's full. All I know is that I didn't get these privileges when I was her age. If I told my mom I was bored, she'd tell me to clean the house TOP TO BOTTOM. I think that's why Vivienne is so spoiled. Mom and Dad got SO tired dealing with me, that they're too weak to treat Vivienne the same way. But what's EXTREMELY frustrating, is that my 'rents still treat me like they did when I was 4. No buts, no cuts, no coconuts. And no complaining. >:-(


Man, today's probably the WORST DAY OFF EVER. Which proves that Monday's suck ALWAYS. Even on a day off. Vivienne's eye is still looking like a black eye, which means I'm NOT going to watch Selma. Instead, I'm watching Caliou and My Little Pony, because, like I said I never get to decide ANYTHING. I couldn't even listen to music! Mom walked out of her bedroom, saw me listening to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG, and said "Mr. Munoz, that is ENOUGH ELECTRONICS!" and then ran off with my phone and my Beats. So, even as I'm typing this blog, I'm risking getting no electronics for a WEEK. And I'M not even the one using all the electronics. My sister so far has watched four movies, three episodes of three shows, listened to about an HOUR of music on MY BEATS, played all they games on MY PHONE, and got a LIFETIME STOCK of chocolate milk nuked in the microwave. All of course, before my very eyes. So here's a quick meme (made by me) on how greedy Vivienne's being right now:


You are not going to believe this. SCHOOL'S CANCELED!

I know, right? So all of this has got me thinking, "Is something bad destined to happen to me?" I know, I know, sounds stupid right? But think about it. On Thursday, I had extended Science, my second-worst teacher. Then on Friday, I had to take exams for about an HOUR AND A HALF in my worst subject with my worst teacher, and also had a fire drill in the BLISTERING COLD for about 20 more minutes, with no jacket. Then on Saturday, I went to see a terrible movie, AND bought snacks. Then on Sunday, I continued to get dissed, told on, poked in the eye by, my brat sister. Then yesterday, I had NO ELECTRONICS for the entire day. So, now that I have a day off, what's going to happen? Only time can tell. See ya in a few!


Okay, good news, nothing bad happened yesterday. I am currently in English on Wednesday. Sorry I couldn't write anything else yesterday. I got too wrapped up in the Shark Tank marathon. Those "sharks" are REALLY mean. I mean, I respect their honesty, but, they're REALLY REALLY mean. There was this this one company that came on, and they had this really cool idea about foam cakes, (it sounds weird, but it was actually pretty neat) and EVERY SINGLE SHARK had something nasty to say. This guy called "Mister Wonderful" actually said the meanest thing. " I would rather see you two working at McDonald's, because you are NOT FIT to run a business." Holy crap. I could NEVER say that to ANYONE. It's like he's Freddy Kruger or something. He has no right to be called "Mister Wonderful"


I'm sitting in Science "learning" about homeostasis and whatnot. *sigh*  I'm bored out of my mind. It's not like we're going to need this information by the time we're old. Mostly, people work in a business. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure to sell toothbrushes or car insurance, we don't need to know what cross-pollination is. I don't think ANYONE needs to know what cross-pollination is. When I'm old, I'm going to be a Public Relations Manager because, one, I'm a really good liar, and second, I can talk in front of large crowds. I really don't understand stage fright. I could make a fool of myself in front of a crowd of a BILLION people, and not be scared.


FRIIIIIIIDDAAAAAY!!!!! I am SO exited! I guess I really shouldn't be. My weekend was longer than my week. Hm. Well, anyways, I'm in English with a substitute teacher, wearing my jersey, about to go to an assembly. You may ask "Max, what's the assembly about?" This picture will answer your question.


Found an awesome meme.

"WoOoOhOoO! SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!" That's how some animals from Denver and Pheonix are acting right now. I don't get it. What's so exciting? "But Max, it's a national celebration! Don't be such a party pooper!" Well sorry, but I'm gonna have to be a party pooper, and show you how RIDICOULOUS you're being. Okay, first of all, before I say ANYTHING, I LOVE football. Don't think I'm a hater or anything. Please. Okay, here goes. These are...

...That you're being stupid

(These are not in any specific order)

10. Why are you celebrating? It's not your team! It's like getting an F on a test and then celebrating when two brainiacs argue over who got the better A. It's absurd!

9.  Often times the commercials are more entertaining than the actual game. Remember last year? The Broncos got beaten so bad, that I stopped watching the game, and started paying attention to commercials.

8. It represents the American stereotype. "The Warld Coop?" says the average American stereotype cartoon. "Screw the rest of the world, we have the Super Bowl." says the same cartoon.There's no need to elaborate here.

7. The halftime shows are stupid. "O.M.G. Becky, did you hear that Bruno Mars is singing at the Super Bowl?" The halftime shows often feature someone famous, who NOT ACTUALLY SINGING. Ever hear of lip sinking?

6. It's the one day of the year that people say they LOVE a team. Seriously, tomorrow, check and see how many people have LOVED the Seahawks or the Patriots for their ENTIRE life.

Oops. I only have 6.


Today's my sister's birthday! Sorry I couldn't post last night. I was watching my favorite show, Gotham.

So, it's Tuesday. Boring Tuesday. Except today, it wasn't AS boring. It was my sis's B-day. I got her this stuffed poodle puppy purse thing. She wanted a dog, so I got her one! >:) Anyways, I had lunch detention today. I was chewing gum. Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Max, why did you get lunch detention for your first offense?" Shouldn't you get a first warning or something?" Well, the answer to that is no. There's zero tolerance at my school. Anyways, the teacher I had lunch detention with was really nice, so she let me of the hook about halfway through. Sweet! Oh, and as I was browsing the internet, I found THIS in the urban dictionary:

Pretty awesome right? By the way, my friend Bishoy gave me a shout-out on Instagram in return for a shout-out on Tackk. So go follow him (Although he really doesn't need it, he has over 200 followers) on Instagram:

See you tomorrow!


Okay guys, I'm going to stop apologizing for not doing the blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I mean, you shouldn't expect me to, and some days I don't even have anything to write about. Like today.



Friday Breakdown:

I lost my flash drive. I'm going to have to get a new one. :( It really sucks because I had a CRAPLOAD of awesome songs that I could listen to at school.

I got this assignment in health class to set a goal and make a chart about it. My goal is to be less irritable with my sister. Who knows? Maybe she'll stop being annoying.

Vivienne's birthday party is tomorrow. All the presents are ready. I'm still wondering if I'm going to have to go.

I have a new favorite song (This is the clean version):

Sorry, I don't have much time! See you tomorrow!


LOL. Today's Friday. I'm sitting in Study Hall with nothing to do, so I'm blogging! Our class just finished the second-to-last chapter of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. We had to identify a piece of figurative language in the chapter. I did "The time crawled by like a turtle with arthritis," which is a simile. I also included this GIF:

Memes and GIFs are what I live for. Anyways, I found this AWESOME song called "Forgot About Dre" by Eminem and Dr. Dre. Follow this link to watch the video:

How long is a period again? Post in the comments, I seriously can't remember. Oh crap! I almost forgot! Gotham was on on Monday! We got a sneak-peak at THE FRICKIN JOKER! I'm pretty excited for Feb. 16th's episode. It's called "The Red Hood" (which is Joker's alter ego before he had the shtick of a creepy clown.


See you guys LATAH!


So, it's Thursday, I've been out of school all week, so I'm sitting here get my face poked by the most annoying girl in the world. Here's a meme to explain it

Speaking of memes, all throughout the week I've been making memes on

Here's links to all of them:

Last Monday, I watched the new episode of Gotham that had the Joker in it. Next episode is called "The Red Hood" which is who Joker was before he was... well, Joker! He fell into a vat full of chemicals and went insane, which is why he painted himself to look like a creepy clown. I also found a song (I know, I keep posting about songs) called "Berzerk" by Eminem. Here's a link to the video:

Also, I have a surprise that I'm working on. Unfortunately, it doesn't concern you unless you go to Holman Middle. :-(


Sunday evening. Just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania to see my cousin. I also got to see this AWESOME dog named Thea. It's this Dutch Shepard who is SUPER playful and SUPER needy. If you pet her and then cross your arms, she goes BANANAS and desperately tries to get back in your arms. It's almost like she's saying "Hey, hey, hey, pet me! Thank you, that feels good! Wait, you stopped, HEY! HEY! Let me back IN!" It's adorable. Here's a pic of Thea's breed:


Tuesday. A time for absolutely NO excitement. A time to sit in English class with nothing to do but blog. Sunday I ordered this REALLY cool funko pop. Funko is a company that makes bobble heads, fabrications, and POPS. These really cool little bobble-head LOOKING things, but they're actually vinyl. Funko makes these pops into all sorts of characters. Spider-man, Ezio, Ace Ventura, you name it! I ordered an EXCLUSIVE $28.00 Joker dressed up as Batman.

I'm expecting it any day after Friday. Yesterday, we had this fundraiser for our school, that if we were a student of Holman Middle, and went to Chipotle and bought food, half of the profits went to Holman. Also, Gotham was last night. The villain was the Red Hood. But it wasn't the Joker from last time. Weird.


Dang. It has been a LONG time since I've been on here. That's because I've been preparing a LOT for you guys.

Click here to see the FEATURED Tackk about none other the Beastie Boys:

Click here to learn about the horrible disease Tay-Sachs, and how to help children with it (Please consider that this site is not for diagnosing the disease):

Click here to learn what my worst fear is:

Aaaaand click here to find out the top 9 Funko Pops I want to see:

I would write more, but I kind of have this thing called school. And it's kind of important. So I kind of have to go. See ya!


Okay. So. Today's Tuesday.


I seriously have nothing to write about. Class hasn't started yet. We're beginning our poetry unit in English. We're beginning our Evolution unit in Science. My grade in math's still bad. I have some serious writer's block right now. What else do you want? Well, I guess that's all for now... see ya, I guess.


Today's a half day! (Applaud) That means after today, it's SPRING BREAK! The whole crew (Me, Viv, Mom, Corrine, Lily, Robert, Aunt Katie, Uncle Selem, Claire, Uncle Matt, Aunt Meghan, Eden, Auntie M, Uncle Ron) are staying at my grandparents house, where they hid $500 dollars in the Easter eggs! $500 DOLLARS! So even with all the competition, I'll at least be able to bank $50 bucks. I don't believe my own hype!


Okay, just got back from my trip, and I got to see a LOT of people. Among those people, I got to see one of my cousins (who shall not be named) who is SUPER spoiled. I stayed at her house for a few days, and last night, we had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, and we didn't have dessert. Okay, let me stop there. Having hot dogs and hamburgers ALONE is a treat for me, so when my cousin starts complaining about not having desert, I have to intervene. She said "I can't believe we're not having desert, dinner is not complete without it!" So I say "Well, some people don't even have any meals to eat, so how do you think you would feel without anything in your stomach?" And then, just to be snappy she says "I would be just FINE!" (I'm sorry, isn't that defeating the purpose of what your arguing for?) and I said " No, you wouldn't. Look at the luxury you have, you're living in a three-story house. Some people have to sleep under a park bench to even have a chance of getting a good night's rest." She says "That sounds like fun!" (This is were I really start to lose my sh*t) "It would be fun?! I have a couple friends who do their clothes shopping at Goodwill, while you sit here and be a little brat, smart mouthing me about having an being happy with an empty stomach and not living in a HOUSE. You are an EXTREMELY lucky person, and you should be GRATEFULL for being able to have TWO ROOMS, with a HOT TUB, a BASKETBALL HOOP, and TWO DOGS to keep you company, so I'd shape up, and get used to not having your Butterscotch ice cream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!"

So as you can tell, I'm about to go medieval on her a$$, when I here my sister calling for hot tub time. I ask her if she wants to get in, but not having desert ruins the experience for her. Jeez. Two wrongs don't make a right, I guess.



Anywho, I found two frickin' AWESOME songs: Business, by Eminem, and The New Style by the Beastie Boys. Be sure to put headphones on. Here they are:

I have a HUGE study guide due on May 11, and it's for math! UGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm probably gonna hold it off till like... May 10. What? I'm just telling the truth. I created a tackk on my favorite TV shows if you want to check it right... here:

Feel free to comment on that, and as always, I love you guys, see you latah!

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hey max, this is really good and hilarious. please keep posting because u never kno who just might need a laugh on a bad day. I miss ya Corinne

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