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Max International BRAND NEW Weight Loss System

Meta-Switch Weight Loss System from Max International.

This product is selling so well that orders can not be fulfill fast enough to meet the public demands. If you want Meta-Switch you need to order now because the back order is currently around 3 weeks to receive your product. Please contact me directly,
Kristie Howard: 571-989-1188.

5 Weeks on the System – lost 11 ½ pounds and 21 inches off hips, waist and legs.

Diane Werner

I really wanted to lose weight and started walking an hour a day for exercise.While I lost some pounds, the stubborn fat just would not go away. Now that I’ve started on this system, all that unwanted fat is literally disappearing before my eyes. I’ve now lost an amazing 21 inches, including 3.5 inches off my waist and hips! Adding this weight loss system to my regular routine is what finally made a real difference, what a God send.

5 Weeks on the System – lost 16 pounds and 4 inches off the belly

Steve Scott

I haven’t worked out for 24 years, so I wanted to see if this system would work even without exercise. I was SHOCKED at the results. So was everyone who knows me. Thanks to this system, I’ve been able to take control of my appetite and cravings. Now I’ve started making the healthy eating choices I always wanted to make, but never had the will power to follow through on. Now, it’s easy and I’m seeing the benefits!

7 Weeks on the System – lost 25 pounds and 4 ½ inches off the waist

Alex Monterrosa

I was working out before I started the system, but while I felt good, I saw no difference in weight or fat loss. In fact, being so active actually made me hungrier! This system changed everything. My appetite and cravings went down while my energy went up. As a result, I started losing fat like crazy and I’m still going. I have never been successful with weight loss until now!

What Is It

Max's weight loss products are designed to work with any weight loss program and we’ve created a detailed weight loss system to assist you in your journey. Developed by a renowned doctor and nutritionist, this system includes food recommendations, exercise tips, health facts, an exclusive weight loss app and more! Beyond a PLAN to help keep you on track to reach your goals, you have a community approach that helps you MAX your weight loss goals.

Metabolic Support Supplement

This supplement is designed to help raise your body’s metabolism to turn fat into fuel. At the same time it uses the same metabolic pathway to help lower your appetite. This means you can now reduce hunger pangs and cravings while your body’s metabolism continues to work at its full pace. There are no stimulants involved, so there’s no risk of increased heart rate, jitteriness,or over-stimulation!

Gluten Free Slimming Bar

Tame your hunger between meals, and shed those unwanted inches with this innovative snack bar. It’s all natural, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, and gluten free. It’s low in calories, and free of any artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. The bar tastes great, helps fills you up, satisfies your cravings, helping your system in natural way for long term,healthy weight loss.

From Bill Greenman, PHD

I’m a fanatic about science validated natural products.  I rarely send out anything about  products. I've never endorsed a weight loss product in my 37 years in the nutrition industry-­‐this one is the only one-­‐that's how much I believe in this product.  If someone you know struggles with weight issues please forward this page to them.


To purchase this product you must do so through a Max Associate (such as myself) or become a Preferred Customer through a Max Associate. If you are already in contact with a Max Associate please contact them for further information or to purchase the Max Weight Loss System.

Fit Kit--a Savings of $93
Cost: $495.00
CV : 430

The Fit Kit includes a 90-day supply of Max's new Weight Loss products and marketing tools to help you make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
Fit Kit Includes:

3 - Metabolic Enhancer Supplement (30 day)
6 - Slimming Bars (15 count in each box)

Fit Kit Plus--a savings of $276
Cost: $999.00
CV: 870

The Fit Kit Plus includes a 6 months' supply of Max's new Weight Loss products and marketing tools to help you and your friends and family make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
The Fit Kit Plus includes:

6 - Metabolic Enhancer Supplement (30 day)
12 - Slimming Bars (15 count in each box)
25 - Weight Loss Brochures
25 - Glutathione Brochures

Personal Fit Kit--a savings of $40
Cost: $170.00
CV: 150

The Personal Fit Kit includes a 1 month's supply of Max's new Weight Loss products to help you start the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
The Personal Fit Kit includes:

1 - Metabolic Enhancer Supplement (30 day)
2 - Slimming Bars (15 count in each box)

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