Maxwell Williams Cosmopolitan Cutlery Set

Cooking is not all about the ingredients you use and the recipes you follow, the cutlery you use plays a great role as well. Having the right tools at hand while preparing delicious meals makes the experience more rewarding. Maxwell Williams Cosmopolitan cutlery is your kitchen's best friend as it is very convenient to use and provides superior performance.

Since their establishment in 1996, Maxwell & Williams have built a stainless reputation and today they are a synonym of great quality. The company started with the production of a simple white set and a few accessories and have succeeded to become a leading supplier of exquisite homeware, shipping to various countries. These high-quality products are rated high for their value, durability, attractiveness and most importantly, ease of use.
Maxwell Williams Cosmopolitan cutlery can have different amount of utensils.

  • The 16 piece cutlery set is both trendy and practical. Each piece is recognizable for its smooth stainless steel lines and it is ideal for use on daily basis, while it also fits perfectly in more formal occasions. The set includes:

- 4 x Table knives

- 4 x Table forks

- 4 x Dessert spoons

- 4 x Teaspoons

  • The 40 piece cutlery set is sophisticated and elegant, subtly complementing every d├ęcor. The set includes:

- 8 table forks

- 8 table knives

- 8 soup spoons

- 8 dessert spoons

- 8 teaspoons

  • The 58 piece cutlery set contains 8 settings plus a serving knife and a serving fork. Using this high-quality cutlery you will bring a new level of elegance to your dining table.The set includes:

- 8 x teaspoons

- 8 x entree/dessert knives

- 8 x entree/dessert forks

- 8 x entree/dessert spoons

- 8 x table knives- 8 x table forks

- 8 x soup spoons

- 1 x serving spoon

- 1 x serving fork

Enjoy your meal and give your dining table a five star treatment using Maxwell Williams Cosmopolitan cutlery which is elegantly designed and has a pleasing weight to each piece. Any causal or formal dining gains a new level of refinement using these fine pieces of art. Made of stainless steel, this cutlery is dishwasher safe.