ITRT May Round Up

Happy Spring! Hope everyone enjoyed a great long weekend. Here are a few items for this month's ITRT recap.

App Recap

Did you see our app recaps last week? Check out our collection with a quick overview of Mindomo, iMovie and Touchcast.

Which app is your favourite? Add your ideas to the below padlet.

Beyond the First Tweet

Later last month a small group explored some tips for moving past the first tweet. Check out our collection of resources in the Storify link below.

Animating Math

We have chatted about animating math concepts before including patterns but check out our animation with various transformations in geometry.


Looking to engage learners with a single iPad in the classroom? Check out the Osmo. The Tangram activity fostered great dialogue around flips and turns as well in @K5Kinders.

Check out the #peel21stINQ hashtag to peak in to some group learning around Minecraft, Maker Ed in the Classroom & the Power of an Image.