Welcome To The Bahamas

By: Tamara Vaca Diez

BAHAMAS: The best city in the world! As you can see in the picture at the top the Bahamas is covered of water at both sides, so it is an island. The Bahama's flag is black, yellow, and light blue as seen in the next picture. Bahama's climate is very hot indeed, because it is located near the equator. It gets to 31.7 (Celsius). As you can see it also rains a lot in the Bahama's. Bahama's is near Cuba  and has many islands. The biggest island of the Bahama's is where Nassau, and Andres town are located. Bahama's is known for it's ocean, because it has crystalline water. The typical trees you'll find their are the palm trees. Tourists from all over the world come to the Bahama's to see the fish and snorkel. Another tourists attraction is the monument of the Atlantis. It is huge and tourists go there and slide down the monument. The starfish is another tourist attraction in the Bahamas. The other interesting tourist attraction is the Bahama's history and their wars. It talks about how they conquered Bahamas and what were their toughest wars and what weapons did they use during the war. The Atlantis, is the best hotel in the Bahamas. It is a five star hotel and is huge and beautiful. The lobby is very big and pretty. The rooms are also beautiful and have very good furniture. If you want anything in the hotel visit:


Another hotel is the Nassau hotel in the Bahamas.


The last but not least best hotel in the Bahamas, is the 5 sandals hotel.


These are the best and suggested hotels in the Bahamas.

  The typical food in the Bahama's is the fish and the fish brochettes also. The best restaurants in the Bahamas is the Becky Restaurant, it is a classy but gorgeous restaurant. Visit this page and you will see everything about it.


Another restaurant in the Bahamas is the Olives eatery. It is located in the Atlantis hotel. If you want more information about the Bahamas Olives eatery or want to order food visit the page below:


The last but not least delicious restaurant in the Bahamas is the Nassau restaurant. It is very elegant, men cannot enter with Bermudas (just pants). Women cannot enter flip flops or shorts. if you want more information visit:


The local newspaper in the Bahamas is the Tribune. Each Sunday it prints a new newspaper and more interesting information about the Bahamas. Visit the page below to see how the  news in the Bahamas like right now.


The Nassau punch is the biggest selling newspaper in the Bahamas. It is bigger and richer than any newspaper in the Bahamas. Millions of people buy these each day. Visit the page below:


At last the Bahamas was very interesting to research about I hope you had fun reading and looking at my research about the Bahamas.

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