French football fans have enjoyed a front-row seat to observe some of Colombia’s finest talents of late. Prolific forward Falcao has naturally grabbed much of the attention, but Monaco team-mate James Rodriguez has also impressed since both moved to France’s Ligue 1 last summer, his exquisite passes catching the eye along with the exploits of David Ospina, Nice goalkeeper since 2008 FIFA 14 PS3 Coins

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil? Here also please do not forget to obtain the cheapest fifa coins , also fifa coins pc to enjoy your fifa game . outsiders clearly have genuine quality at their disposal, as well as their list of France-based stalwarts does not end there either, with Abel Aguilar encapsulating all Los Cafeteros’ combativeness and commitment.

The midfielder touched down at Toulouse last year without the fanfare that accompanied his compatriots’ moves, but he quickly began forging a reputation. Taking on Paris Saint-Germain in just his second outing, Aguilar promptly announced his arrival by making sure that the hosts’ star man Zlatan Ibrahimovic knew he had been involved in a tussle. “I only care about the game, not the name, career or the medals of my opponent,” Aguilar explained to, having also had two heated run-ins with Lionel Messi ¨C with Colombia in 2011 and while at Deportivo La Coruna last term. “I always have fun with the same desire, whether I’m against Messi, Ibrahimovic or another person. I have to show that I’m here and that I’ll give everything to win every ball and help my team.”

It would be easy to read that pugnaciousness as the key to Aguilar’s personality, but that would be unfair on the 29-year-old. For all his aggression and dedication on the pitch, the Cali native is a very likeable character off it. “That’s my style of play and if I’ve had clashes with those players, it’s because it was the thing to do during the game,” he said. Also if you are desire to buy cheap fifa 14 coins , fifa coins ,it’s possible to come to the best online shop at our website to get them in a minute and enjoy your game at most ! “Those are situations that happen during a match, but they remain on the pitch and afterwards I don’t feel any bitterness. It’s already forgotten.”

It should be stressed as well that Aguilar’s fierce hunger for victory is far from being his only quality as a player. Contributing to Colombia’s eye-catching fluidity from his position in front of d

efence, his technique and vision often sparked attacks as Los Cafeteros stood out as one of the most spectacular sides in South American qualifying for Brazil 2014. All the same, he is comfortable knowing that much of his toil goes unnoticed. “Team work is important, and it’s gratifying to know that my efforts serve the team,” he said. “I know that players in my position get less exposure, but you have to accept that. It’s a position that comes with responsibility, and it’s crucial that you the balance of the team. If I do my job well, I help my side. If I don’t, that puts my team-mates in trouble. In this position, you can’t think in individual terms.”At last , welcome and thank you very much to our website .FIFA 14 IOS Coins I hope you can enjoy this post ,and you are very welcome to our best online store to get the cheap fifa coins ps3, for your football game to enjoy yourself at most . All the best to you !