Want to know about grasslands? Well then this tackk will teach you about grasslands and how to survive in them.


A lot of the animals that live in grassland are bison, pronghorn, prairie dogs, gophers, wolves, coyotes, foxes, badgers, and black footed ferrets. There are lots of birds too, like grouses, meadowlarks, quails, sparrows, hawks and owls.


Now if you don't want to hunt make a simple trap like a snare or a small hole with a pit for small animals. You might need to find the resources needed to make things like this but you need skill too. Also be sure anything you catch dose not  have any disease.


If you want to survive in the wild you need to have a shelter. First gather sticks and 1 long branches.Now make a rib cage for the base of the shelter. Then gather leaves or any thick vegetation or you can cover your shelter with anything you can, it wont really matter. Now if you think it wont let water inside its fine.


There are lots of plants in the grassland but most of it is grass. We found lots of other plants like purple needle grass,  fox grass,  wild oats, and although trees and shrubs are rare all grasslands have them.


Now one of the things that make it hard to survive in the wild is weather, But don't panic I will tell you what you need to know. The temperature is can be as low as -40.F and as high as 100.F but the precipitation is about 10-35 inches, late or early in the year.

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Yours is really good Mickey! It would have been a whole lot better, if you would have put like a map, or a link, something like that! Also, make sure not to put as many pictures next time! Good job though!

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Good job, your pictures were good but try to not to add to many

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It had plenty of information and the pic were really good.