Tip 1 Dont give out personal information.

Tip 2. Dont meet people Offline.

Tip 3. Don't say bad names to people and don't troll be nice :)

Tips 4. Don't run away from home.

Tip 5. Talk to an adult/ Guardian if you have a problem.:)

My first tip is you can play online but if you meet someone and play with him daily don't give out any personal information.

Second tip is if they want to meet up with you offline always say no no no, no matter what they say its always no.

Third tip is if you're playing a video and they keep saying bad names and stuff just block them also if you're one of those people like me don't troll and be nice.

Fourth tip if you are one of those people who hate your life and you want to run away don't run away it wont help 1 bit. :)

Fifth tip my last tip of the day if you have a problem talk to an adult you trust like parents teacher.                                             

Made By: Jose Villanueva

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