Health Vs. Grades

Why do you think your doing bad at school?

                 Alondra Cena and Penny Eracleous   

This question is important because it helps inform students on how they can improve in their classes. By eating healthy, more students will learn better and will be better informed, which will be better for when they go to college. They will be able to maintain good health, if they know that it reflects on their ability to do well and achieve better in school. Students would like to know if their health determines their grades and skills. Therefore, this is a significant question because it can allow us to lead better and healthier lives for the future. Eating healthy has a great impact in your education.

According to this website" it states,“Healthy eating habits, including participation in school breakfast programs, are associated with higher academic test scores, improved daily attendance, and better classroom behavior.”

Dot Plots

This dot plot is showing us that the data for the overall math average is symmetrical. The mean for this data is 81.The dot plots are showing us that they're both symmetrical so most people sleep for about 6.2 hours and get around an 81 for their overall average in math. But, there was one person that slept for 4 hours and got an 91 overall average. This proves that how much you sleep might NOT affect your overall math average.

Scatter Plot and Residuals

Based on the two charts above you can see that the residual plots are curved, which means that they are non-linear. We determined that hours of sleep do NOT affect your overall average in math. On the scatter plot it also shows that the data is scattered, which means its non-linear. So the correlation coefficient will be 0.04.

1.This scatter plot  proves that the amount of hours of sleep you get doesn't affect you're overall math average, because

Box Plots

These dot plots are both skewed, which means that the amount of hours of sleep may not affect your grades.

Data Tables

This data table it shows that 87% of people do exercise, whether its a lot or a little and 86% of people eat breakfast. This shows that the group we tested on is eating breakfast most of the days and are exercising most of the days.


Thus, with all this data we can conclude that the amount of hours of sleep will probably not affect your school work.You have a better chance of getting average grades in school, if you are exercising often and eating breakfast daily. We hope this helps you change your daily routine.

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