MBA 650 Fall 2014

Work with
Neundorfer Inc.

to solve their sustainability challenges!

Classes start August 28
For more information contact
Victoria Avi

What You Will Get Out of this Course
- The foundation of sustainable development and business practices
- Get practical experience. Work with 2 regional companies. Hands-on projects
- Site visits and guest speakers from Flavorseal and Neundorfer Inc.
- Project feedback and guidance from representatives of Flavorseal and Neundorfer Inc.
- Discussion-based learning

Course Description
The intention of this course is to instill a capability to think about sustainability critically. You will work with leaders from Neundorfer Inc. and Flavorseal. Both companies will present their business challenges.  The course will consist of site tours, guest speakers and design sessions.

By the end of this course, you will

  • Deliver reports, presentation and recommendations to the companies,
  • Illustrate an understanding of the relationships among ecological, economic and social systems,
  • Articulate how human choices regarding consumption, production, distribution, and disposal of material goods affect our ability to thrive over time,
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic nature of complex systems and change over time,
  • Demonstrate an understanding that there are limits to growth on the planet - which are congruent with the limits of biological capacity and replenishment rates of sources and sinks.

Essential Questions

  1. How do we create value and prosperity within the means of Nature?
  2. How do businesses proactively develop strategies to add value by focusing on sustainability?

For more information contact the instructor, Victoria Avi

Photo: Class during Neundorfer Inc. site visit in Willoughby in Spring 2014

Watch Ray Anderson on TED on Sustainable Business