This is an example of how the temperature changes in the atmosphere

As you go higher in the atmosphere, it gets colder in the first layer, then warmer in the second layer, then colder in the next layer, then hot in the next one because it is the closest to the sun.


The layers of the earth, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere

The first layer of the atmosphere is the Troposphere, which is the layer that we live in, and where weather happens. The second layer is, the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere protects us from the sun, and the Ozone layer is found here. Third layer is the Mesosphere. It protects us from meteors, it gets colder when you go higher in the atmosphere. The last layer is Thermosphere. It's the hottest because its the closest to the sun, there is less pressure, and its where the Northern lights/Auroras happen.

3. Gases in the Atmosphere

As you can see here is an example of the gases.

Here are the gases in the Atmosphere. Nitrogen and Oxygen are the most common gases. This is the percentage of the gases, Nitrogen 78% and Oxygen is 21% and all the other gases are 1%.

4.Air pressure

These are air molecules, when you

When you go higher in the air there is less pressure, and when you go lower there is going to be more pressure on you. There are more air molecules down, than

5.Greenhouse gases

This is the percentage of greenhouse gases uses

These are some greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, other gases, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated. These are the gases. And now these are the percentages of what the gases use. Electricity 32% Transportation 28% Industry 20% Commercial and Residential 10% Agriculture 10%.

6.Why the Atmosphere is important

This is just a picture of our atmosphere

There are many reasons that the atmosphere is important to us. If it wasn't for the atmosphere, we would be freezing and we wouldn't have the gases to live. Like oxygen. We need it to survive. The atmosphere protects us from the suns sun rays.

7.Plants give oxygen

This is a cycle of how plants give us oxygen.

The atmosphere is very important because of plants. They have Carbon Dioxide, and they use Carbon Dioxide and Sunlight, and produce oxygen for us to breathe.

8.Space Junk

This is a meteorite

Up above is an example of a meteorite coming towards earth, but our atmosphere protects us from things in space coming towards us.

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