Maybe One Day
            By: Melissa Kantor

Theme: Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor is a captivating and heart warming story. This book is about two best friends named Olivia and Zoe and how they ponder through High School. One day Olivia receives terrible news that will change her future plans.

This book is about more than just how a tragic disease can suddenly change the life of everyone close to the person who gets sick; it’s also about the close bond between Olivia and Zoe, who have been best friends since they were four when they met in ballet class.

Olivia and Zoe have been dancers since they were four years old. This was their passion. In High School they danced for NYBC in New York.  The reason this is so important is because this is the first big point to this book. Livvie and Zoe were fired from NYBC because there was no room. There was only room for a certain amount of dancers. Zoe took this the hardest.

“Looking back at that conversation, I can’t help wondering: Did I know? Did I know what was coming, and did I think that as long as I wouldn’t let Livvie say the words, they wouldn’t be true?” 

Protagonist: Olivia is the leading character as well as Zoe. After they were kicked out from NYBC. Life was different and didn't feel the same. There was more devastating news coming their way. Olivia was diagnosed with cancer. One of the worst cancers you can get. Leukemia !! This is what changed her life forever. 

Antagonist: Leukemia is what stopped Livvie from fulfilling her High School years. She basically lived in the Hospital bed. From cancer treatment after cancer treatment what happened to Livvie? Frienship was everything to Livvie, she needed zoe by her side.


Purpose of book: Melissa Kantor's grandfather had leukemia so that's what inspired her to write about that topic. She also wrote it in a bystanders point of view. Clearly using her feelings about the topic in the character Zoe. She also used best friends in the book because in life she forgot about how important friendship was.

Both families are very present in the book. Why did you include them when so many your books do not?   

"Teenagers may resent, fight with and be frustrated by their families, but most of the teens I know are deeply involved with their families (I certainly was). One of the most complicated things about being a teen is that you feel very capable and competent and in charge — and then you don’t. I remember being so over my mom and then suddenly needing her desperately. Illness only intensifies these already intense relationships."

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that depend on friendship. I can promise anyone who reads this book will not be able to put it down. This book leans more towards the sad side, so if you do not like sad books I wouldn't suggest reading it. I overall loved this book. This book will teach you so many life lessons and will teach you not to take life for granite.

Brianna Storm

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