Arctic lowlands

The Region

Many people believe the Arctic is a cold place, that's correct. In actuallty the tempratures rise above freeing only a few times in the year. A large portion of the region in covered with snow,ice sheets, and the ground is permafrost, some part have land masses that are usually surrounded by lakes. The vegatation found manily consists of shrubs, a few trees, some parts have no plants, and the Arctic poppy. Gravel, sand, and coal are popualr in the northern part of this region as are the sedimentry rocks.

Here is a map of the Arctic lowlands. I will mainly be focused on Iglulik.


Imagine your planning a vacation or just wanting to take a trip somewhere new. Don't go with the usual Carribean or somewhere in Europe try somewhere more eyepopping; Artic lowlands. It could be a perfect trip for the family or just by yourself with activities such as boating, ice fishing, wild life watch, skating, husky sking, and many more. The cold climate allows for all these to be possible plus when you're done you can warm up in a sauna or with a hot choclate.

As you can see there is an abundance of wild life and breath taking sites to be seen too.

Climate Change

The Arctic lowlands climate for a large majorty of the time will stay below 0 degrees meaning  these activities above will have no delays and be up and running consistantly. The colder it gets the better these activities will become better and more fun but the cold could also cause some people to be unhappy leading to them staying indoors more than going outisde.

Natura Disaster

A big worry is flooding here in the Arctic lowlands. How this occcurs is the chosen destanation, Iglulik is quite close to the coast the when a iceberg hits or gets close and melts it could cause dramtic levels or water rising. A way we can prevents that is have the attractin farther away from the coast or create sort of a barier.

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