My name is Darin, and I am a high school freshman.  I personally am a secretive person, i like to keep to myself and tend to keep to myself.  When asked to talk about who i am and my hits and misses like this Tackk board, I see it as an invasion of privacy and wont tell much.  The picture above is my school picture taken at the first week of school.

Video Games

I am a avid video game player.  For many years i have played video games because i cant fulfills an outdoor life, besides they are fun.  I have a total of9 systems for gaming and are which I am proud of.


My favorite sport is dodge-ball. Dodge-ball is a sport that i wish ti play in gym more often.  Dodge-Ball


I really,really, like trains, after all, they build our nation and still do that today.   Driving trains is on my top 3 list of careers.

3 Goals

1: I wish to be a Train Operator.  My all my life, I have wished to drive trains and I hope I will get to do so.

2: I want to recreate a specific video game.  I feel that this game has been abandoned while it could be expanded upon.  I hope to be the person who revives this game series.

3: I want to move to Germany.  I really want to live in Germany.  I feel there will be plenty to offer there.  Also, I hope to become an engineer there.

My Travel Destination

I would like to go to Germany.  Germany is a great place, plus I like the food.  The other reason is the railways there, to which I would probably go train watching.

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