Alternative Litigation Financing – An Article To Answer All Your Questions

One of the biggest issues in the life of a plaintiff is to manage funds so as to make ends meet. Personal injury victims usually fare the worst in these scenarios. The injury, accident or wrong that has occurred to their detriment often has long lasting effects. At the very least, they will be incapacitated enough to not be able to go back to work for a few weeks. This loss of income and employment becomes a major pressure point to deal with. In the more severe cases, the effects of the injury might be permanent, rendering the person incapable to obtain gainful employment ever. Then there are the medical expenses that one will have to bear to get back in shape. Plus the overload of bills that will be generated as a result of the legal proceedings in relation to the case.. All in all, the prospects for a personal injury victim seem to be quite bleak indeed.

This is where alternative litigation financing can come to your aid. Many finance companies out there understood this need of plaintiffs and came up with a system that allowed for people to fight legal battles without worrying about the financial burden they can be. The idea is to provide plaintiffs with the assistance they need to manage day to day expenses until such time that the case reaches settlement.

Alternative litigation financing has been around for quite some time now and more and more people are benefitting from the aid that is offered under this product. This increased demand has also necessitated that many lending companies have come up to offer their services. The loan product itself has been designed in a way that it does not become a burden on the plaintiff’s shoulders.

  • First of all, eligibility of a person to obtain the financial assistance is not dependent on their credit history, income source or employability at all. The actual factors considered here are the chances of success that the case possesses and the abilities and skills of the attorneys that a plaintiff has hired to negotiate a settlement.
  • Secondly, the terms and conditions of these loans are much easier to manage. There is negligent paperwork involved and the application process is quite simplified as well. The turnaround time on these applications is also quite short with most alternative litigation financing companies disbursing the money in as little as a week.
  • Thirdly, a plaintiff doesn’t need to worry about repayment either. The very nature of the transaction is such that if the case doesn’t turn out to be favourable, there is no liability on the part of the plaintiff to pay back the loan amount. And if a compensation amount is received, the company will simply take its share which was agreed upon at the time of the contract.

Following these basic explanations will help you manage your loan process safely and to your benefit. Visit for more information on alternative litigation financing.

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Sydney Banks is a litigation funding expert who openly advocates the many advantages that this option brings for plaintiffs in need of intermittent financial support during the course of cases. She recommends as the best and most trusted provider of such products in the US.

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