Career research project
Maguire Hoon

Professional Requirements

You have to have a degree in archaeology, and environmental science.

You should know how to categorize rocks and minerals.

You need to go to a 4 year college and get a bachelors.

Illinois state university is where i want to go because most of my family has gone there and I know a lot about it. It is a good college and they have a lot to teach you. also the have classes for my subject. I hope that i will go there someday.

Educataion requirement

The requirements you need are 4 year degree in environmental science.

You need a degree in archaeology.

You need to go to college for 4 years for this.


"No matter what try as hard as you can".  - Jeni Hoon

I like this quote because it shows that even if you do bad on a test and you didn't cheat or something you still worked as hard as you could. Its better that cheating on a tests and getting an A+ because you know you didn't do the right thing.

Role Model

The person who serves as a role model to me is my grandpa. He is my role model because he likes everyone and treats everyone with respect. He is nice to every single one of his grandchildren and treats them all the same. He also cares about everyone that he has met and treats them well.

Also he Is a very nice and caring person. He is tall and strong, and does a lot for people. He had a stroke in October and it really effected him but he got through and was strong the whole time. So I look up to him because of his personality and that he treats everyone the same.

Environmental science

The northern lights are very intriguing in many different ways. Some people don't know but they come from the suns electricity. The northern lights can be as long as the Carolina's combined. There are thousands of different colors in the northern lights and they can change at anytime. "We have much wider coverage of what colors are being seen"(Oskin 1). I think that environmental science is very cool in many different ways. Also there are a ton of other things that you can learn and not just learn about the northern lights. I also want to be in the field of study, because i think that are earth isn't very clean and i want to make a difference in this world and make it more clean. So that's why I would like to be an environmentalists someday.

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