Bill of Rights

First Amendment-5 freedoms: speech, press, religion, assembly, petition

Second Amendment-Right to bear arms (to protect the people against a government that becomes too powerful)

Third Amendment-No quartering of soldiers

Fourth Amendment-No unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant; right to privacy

Fifth Amendment-Due process, eminent domain, no double jeopardy, right to remain silent (you can't be forced to testify against yourself) and the right to be tried by a grand jury for a capital offense

Sixth Amendment-Right to a speedy trial

Seventh Amendment-Right to a trial by a jury of your peers; no lawsuits under $20

Eighth Amendment-No cruel and unusual punishment

Ninth Amendment-Any rights not explicitly listed are automatically given to the people. (Meant to appease the Anti-Federalists)

Tenth Amendment-Any powers not explicitly listed are automatically given to the states.

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