Oakland City University (Oakland, CA)

       Today we will convince you, and tell you what you want to be told.

What are we all about?

         Here in O.C.U we give many opportunities. Our main learning fields are Marine Biology, Finance, and Computer Science. For each we have several labs. One for everyone's dorm rooms, another Finance and ComputerEngineering. For Marine Biology we have a building with a modern science lab, all other classes are held at the other building. Down at the bay we on occasion go down onto our yatch for field work. These are our resources, for our family.

How are our students?

        We have the highest academic students, and they also have a social life!
We do this bygiving them the best teachers for the job! Our teachers are friendly, and how how to appeal to their eye of their potential. Our sports are very lively, the Oakland Grizzly's arecompetitive and successful, for as long as we've been here. We allow them to do as they please, but we make sure our 3,108 students know the consequences! Any minor/major will be judged be the effect from the cause.

Our school is in session, the latest 8:05 a.m, earliest 7:45 a.m.Our school mission is simply "Toacquire what I want, asking is not enough. We as one help you discover and execute what you want. As faculty our goal is to give and make a product of academic decency, at the exception of excellence. As a student, an individual,  my goal is to achieve great things were my time is spent while making memories at the same time." I swear to you if they come here they want to learn, after all it shows up in their report. And as for motivation, we believe their reputation is enough.

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