Gage Hosman

It is the starting of corn harvest in Greg has at least 50 fields and all of his employees are sick so he has all of the fields to harvest in one day . Or he will loose all of his fields and the dead line is to day and he has to run all of his vehicles at once the harvester, tractor and the semi. So he started at sun up and now it is in the afternoon and he is only at field 25 and he is thinking to himself how in the world am I going to get this all down.

Then all of a sudden all of his corn grows right back so now he still has 50 fields and all day that keeps happening. Until sun down and he is thinking he just lost all of his fields to his brother but that's when his gramps said no you didn't you made a ton of money from corn. So in the end he didn't loose his corn fields but you never no because soybeans is next.

So now it is soybeans harvesting time and Greg has 50 fields to cut. And the dead line is to day and he gets all of his fields cut with the help of his brother but instead of reappearing this time it is disappearing. So when they get back to gramps said that Greg looses all of his soybean fields and Tim Greg's brother gets all of the fields.

So Greg goes back home and Tim calls him and asks for help so Greg comes to the field that he is on and does the semi. But when the semi got full Greg asked Tim where he should dump it and Tim said at the old abandoned elevator and then as fast as possible it said the elevator in town so later that night Greg drove down to the abandoned elevator and there the soybeans where. So Greg told gramps what Tim had done and now Tim has to give back the soybean fields . So now Greg got back his fields and Tim got sent to prison.

So now that harvesting is done for a little while Greg has to clean his delta combine with tracks so he got it all clean and started the combine but it wouldn't start so he kept trying and trying but it wouldn't start. And he couldn't figure out why and man did he wish that his brother was there because he could take a combine completely apart and then put back together. That's when it struck him it was his brother that was doing it so he went to the police and they said that Tim was still there in prison. So then he went back to his farm to try it again and it started! Then it died then it started and then he drove back into the shop but all year that happened. And he couldn't figure out why. Then next year he decided to get a dog and what do know the dog one day when Greg came back from the fields the dog was carrying something and it was a boy. It was Tim's boy and he was the one who kept messing with his vehicles.

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