Colombia in 2030
Mathew Brown

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Colombia has been a hot bed for crime, corruption and inequality for the past decades. It currently holds the spot for having the longest civil war in South America. The armed conflict has been active for 50 years, with 218,094 casualties and 177,307 civilians killed. Moreover, corruption has been a big factor for every social issue in Colombia. The old way politicians do politics in Colombia, the weakness of government control, the inefficiency of the justice system, the rampant poverty and lack of opportunities are several of the ingredients that perpetuate the structural corruption in any area of the government in this country. In addition, Colombia is the second producer of cocaine in the world recently losing the number one sport to Peru, even though big drug cartels are not so common any more since new drug dealers realized that large organizations have been an easier target by US and the Colombian authorities through out history, right now there are small cartels spread in every province of the country.This is an issue most Colombians would agree: it will never end. It was also confirmed In the words of the most notorious drug leader in the world and one Colombia's greatest disgrace; In the words of Pablo Escobar: “historically and mathematically the drug trafficking never will end” this could still be a valid statement today.


National Police General Rodolfo Palomino after Nineteen police officers were arrested in mass roundup of drug traffickers in Medellin.

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Colombia like any Latin American country is not exempt from the cancer of corruption. After the independence from Spain in 1819, Colombia has been governed for 100 years by two elite parties that have permitted that few families to have land and capital. With the objective to perpetuate themselves in power, from then conciousness is manipulated along with votes to reach maximum control in every level of government. Pressured by various institutions and countries that promote human rights Colombia has created an  Anti-corruption office in the presidency to fight one of the most devastating problems in the government. However the perception of the international community and the Colombians themselves, show that it is not enough to destroy this obstacle. I believe that in 2030 the situation will be worse, the mentality of this nation sees this issue almost as cultural aspect that is accepted. Without a complete political, social and educational reform this will always experience corruption.

Civil war

FARC Troop of 27 minors

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After 50 years of civil war Colombia is holding talks in Cuba with the representatives of the FARC-EPL, the oldest illegal armed group in the continent that could end the conflict. According to Colombian president this will help to eradication of coca plantations. Some political sectors have tried to demolish this process because the want peace with justice; Meaning that these groups get sentenced for their actions. During these talks in Havana this guerrillas have killed police officers and even abducted a general after they have agreed with a bilateral fire cease. This has obligated the president to take more drastic measures continuing the pursuit of peace within the war. A critical point has been a reparation of the victims, most seek financial adjustments and land restitution. The Colombian government has realised that their a very tight relationship between the narco groups and the rebels, these are in charge of monitoring and defending the labs inside the country for the drug cartels, therefore there is a mutual dependency with huge benefits for both sides; the cartels depend on the protection of the coca crops and the guerrillas on the economical benefits. This is how these groups maintain armed and have the economic freedom look after their troops. I believe that in 2030 Colombia will be done with this civil war just simply because of the length of this issue, but I also think that they will need international help to conclude all the issues related with the termination of civil war. The conflict has left more than 250 000 deaths and 5 millions displacements. The deal has to be very explicit and take care of parties involved in the conflict such the victims (civil populations) and ex-guerillas. We will have a country more productive and less violent.

Drug Trafficking

'King of Cocaine': Pablo Escobar in Colombias Justice Palace

Image: MailOnline, C. (2014, November 26). Five-bedroom house where ruthless cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was killed goes on sale for £160,000 ... and it could become a public museum or guesthouse for tourists. Retrieved June 11, 2015, from

The business generates $10 billion every year with Colombia occupying second place in global production behind Peru. Since 1970 Colombia has been considered to have the most violent and advanced drug trafficking organizations in the planet. It has created multiple multinational cocaine empires. Today most traffickers have the freedom to control and maintain a very efficient machine to create more revenue. Now days small cartels sparkle the country and control the business, one monitors the coca crops, another transports the coca base to the labs and another one controls the labs. These cartels send the cocaine to Mexican cartels for further entry into the USA. The government with the help of the USA has combated this scourge for a long time through the well know Plan Colombia that support the troops and provides the glyphosate for extermination of the crops. I believe that in 2030 Colombia will have legalized this drug in order to completely diminish the crime. For example Legalization and regulating of marijuana in certain states of USA brought millions of dollar in taxes, creation of new jobs and economical opportunities in the legal market. We have to consider this possible alternative in the future.


Colombia is facing a historical opportunity to finish the armed conflicted in their territory, after this I believe that the drug business will be directly impacted by the loss of protection that is given by the rebels in the trade. After this Colombia should of only focus on improving the equality of life standard, basic needs such as housing, employment, health care and education. This country counts with very intelligent people that have demonstrated that change is possible. There is a national and international desire to find the so long peace with the determination and passion the Colombian people, being a Colombian myself I truly believe we can overcome all of these social issues.

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