Historical figure facebook project
"Erwin Rommel"
"By:Romel pierre"
"Computer Science Class"
"Crossroads@Meade" (Philadelphia, PA)

Ewin Rommel was born in Heindenheim,Germany on November 15, 1891.He was the son of Erwin Rommel Senior and his mother was Helene von luz.He has to younger brothers and one older sisters.

Rommel joined the German infantry in 1910 and fought as a lieutenant in World War I, in France, Romania and Italy.In 1940 he was named commander of the 7th Panzer division.Adolf hitler took a like to Erwin Rommel and He was the most successful generals.

The reason why I picked Erwin Rommel is because I have his last name as my first name but with one M.Also when my computer teacher called my name to his desk to give my something he told me about Erwin Rommel and I just wanted to learn more about him. I learn that he was a great general and Adolf hitler took a liking to him.