My Dream House

By Colleen D. EGS

1: this is my house and I am going to build it on my own so this is how it begins I start with how many stories there are in the hole house. This is where it all begins right now on the righting project. The dream house is going to be awesome when it gets done building.

2: I will have 2 master bathrooms and 15 bathrooms and they will be all covered in China white honed walls. It will also have a toilet that is off the ground and a shower that has water from the top of the shower head. It will also have a fosset that has water that is a bathroom vanity. It will also have 3 sinks in the bathroom and 3 tubs in all the bathrooms. It will be have marble stuff in it. It will have 4 cabinets in it and 3 TVs are in there to so I can watch tv.

3. The bedrooms are going to have a massive walk in closet so I can put my cloths in the closet and put my shoes in there as well. The cloths closet needs a lot of stuff to make it. It is going to have lots of space to just work in there because I am going to have a game station in my closet and have 5 safes. I will have 15 bedrooms and they will be awesome and I will have 2 TVs in every bedroom.  It will have a shower in the closet to and will have a big mirror on the door

4. The kitchen is going to be 20 feet long and there is going to be a bar on the other side of the house so the kitchen is going to have lots of cabinets and I am going to have all of my stuff in my kitchen glass I mean some of it. It is also going to have 4 TVs in it. The refrigerator is going to have lots of goodys but when it is beckfast time it has that in the refrigerator and lunch too and dinner and snack time. So I can not be hungry again.

5. My landscape is going to be 10 arcers on each side. So I can have a frarm and 14 trackers. So there is a lot of space that I will not use because it will take me awhile to make but I don't care. So I can have my privicy when I go outside and do what I do best and feed the animals and do a lot more than that. Then I can go out and mow it I have to in the mornings and plow the wheat and plant corn and other stuff too. I will have fun with it.

6. Living room is going to be big. So I can eat sleep vacuum and other stuff oh and watch tv sometimes and have my friends over to watch stuff or have party and have to party room right in it so we can just turn it up side down and then we will have a party room and if we want to go back to the living room we just pul a leaver and then it will go back to the living room and it will do it to the party room too. So I can also have some rest time too. So I can have to rest of the time to myself.

7. The garage is going to be 17 feet tall so I will have a lot of room to put my stuff in.  It will be  30 garged doors so people when there is a storm people can put there cars in there. There will be a hot tub in the garage too. And there will be a under ground pool so we can have fun and if there was a tornado we will be under ground and will be safe and the house will go under ground to so we will have every thing under there and having fun.

8. There is going to be a attic So I can put my spare stuff that I don't need so I will have a lot of room to have stuff I can have lots of stuff I can do. I will have pool table and a pool area and games in a room to and I will have fun with it all and I will be fun so I can have a lot of friends over while I am doing it and I will turn into a ballroom to wow I will be tired when I get done doing it all.

9. There will be a party room for my friends and family so we can have fun with it and party there will be loud speakers in the pool so we can have fun in there to and there will have lots of games in there to there will be pin ball games and a pool table. There will be a walk in game room in there that is privet so me and my other friends can go in there and play games and other stuff. We will have a made to give us some food when we need it and have her fix the games when we need them.

10. There is a kitchen room. There is and office room. There is 3 walk in closet. There is a lot of space that I can do with. There is 4 bedrooms on the main floor. There is going to be 4 bathrooms and 2 master. There is stairs. There is a bar. There is and art room too. There is going to be 16 doors on the main floor. So I can lot of space and do a lot of stuff too. And I have a big house to make too. So I can start building too bye have fun you guys thanks for reading this.

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