By: Angel Fernandez

Type of Currency

The type of currency used in Chile is the Peso.

One US dollar equals 625.15 pesos.

Major Imports and Exports

Three major imports are: Refined Petroleum (10%), Crude Petroleum (7.5%), and Cars (5%).

Three major exports are: Refined Copper (28%), Copper Ore (20%), and finally Raw Copper (4.1%).

Three Main Cities

The three main cities are: Santiago, Puento Alto, and Antofagasta.

Three Tourist Attractions

The best tourist attraction to visit in Chile are...

Torres del Paine, which is one of the national parks in southern Chilean Patagonia.

Lauca National Park, which is a national park in the far north, in the Andean Range mainly all of the Mountain are volcanoes.

San Rafael Glacier, One of the major outlet glaciers of the Northern Patagonian ice field.


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