Faster Internet

About Bandwidth

Though bandwidth speed depends mostly on the package you have purchased from your internet provider , there are several ways to achieve better speeds .

Some have to do exclusively with the way windows manage bandwidth - and in some cases - (such as peer to peer programs utorrent etc) requires port opening through the router settings.

First of all, there is no program that makes the web faster.

If you found a program that promises faster internet are likely to be accompanied by a toolbar which is most likely to make your connection slower (or even worse) and you will get stuck with some malware or trojan.


Some rare cases such as -the old good- SG TCP optimizer (which optimizes the TCP protocol) is worthy of mention and can do the trick, but if you're not familiar with his surroundings, I suggest that you make a backup of your registry and choose the recommended settings .

Also another worthwhile program (different philosophy though) is the Squid.

To squid is a caching proxy for browsers and ftp which reduces the bandwidth to pages that we visit, often creating cache and improving response time of websites.

As mentioned earlier some "speed promising" programs while installing toolbars on your browsers thereby creating a reduction in bandwidth by sending at regular intervals, reports to the authors and one of the drawbacks is that ad windows pop up on our computer .

Other factors

Also attention should be paid to the choice of extension and addon we use, cause sometimes can dramatically affect the speed of the internet .

Deleting cookies and history can also improve the speed of the browser.

Finally noting that some browsers are faster than others and although it is purely a matter of personal choice , the charge is the Google Chrome.

A easy way to optimize the speed of the Windows

The windows have some options which, if properly adjusted can optimize quite our internet speedt .

Reservable Bandwidth

The Windows 7 (if not set manually) retain 20% of the bandwidth for their personal use.

This is done for Microsoft to communicate more easily with their servers for updates microsoft windows, resulting in a reduction of bandwidth automatically when you finishing the installation windows.

To change the setting go to Start / Search programs and files and open the windows policies with gpedit.msc

From the group policy editor select Administrative Templates / Network / QoS Packet Scheduler and from the right screen double click on Limit Reservable Bandwdith.

As we see in the opened window the option is disabled ( which means that windows keep 20% of the bandwidth for their personal use).

Activate the option Enable and let the bandwidth limit to 0%

Press OK and close the policy editor.