Boston Massacre announcement

March 5, 1770

5 fellow colonist were shot and killed by British regulars in downtown Boston. The citizens were angered by the intolerable taxation brought about by Britain, and that now they have soldiers here to enforce the taxation.

The American citizens were showing there disapproval of the taxes brought upon by Great Britain are to pay for the reparations of the French and Indian war. A war that was pretty much fought for nothing since the proclamation of 1763 states we may not expand west of the appalachian mountains, so we get the same amount of land and the many intolerable taxes that Britain has forced upon us.

Colonist have also been angered of the acts Great Britain has forced upon us. The quartering act which states we shall shelter and feed British soldiers in our houses, the sugar, stamp and tea act which put a tax on all molasses, paper, and tea.

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