52 IN 52

The 52 albums that define my love for music

Album 4/Week 4

Who: Micheal Jackson "Thriller"

When: 1982

Why: This one goes without explanation. But, if I must.... This is the best pop music record of all time. Not a single bad song on this record. As a 3 year old, opening this record and seeing him with a baby tiger made MJ the coolest guy in the world.

To this day I can't hear Thriller and not visualize that video. Hell, I cant hear any of these songs and not see their videos. He was the king.

Where: Never saw him live. Bummer I never will.

Can't pick one defining song, so here is the whole album.

I will always be bummed about M.J. In my opinion, he never got to live his own life and it eventually killed him. Say what you want about the man, but he was one of the greatest pop musicians of all time, and a brilliant entertainer.