narrative poem

Brooke with that long blonde hair that flutters in the wind,

Brooke of the perfect grades,

Brooke whose name everyone knows,

Brooke is a very caring girl whose heart cares for everyone,

lives in the popular neighborhood with the huge houses, runs across the football stadium which she is late for cheer practice,

talks to all the students that don’t really have friends,

walks the people that are walking alone to class and ask them how their day is going,

hugs everyone that she sees and meets in her sight.

Brooke smiles at everyone she sees,

Encourages students to try their best and make the best out of their life,

Brings presents for those who’s parents cant afford to celebrate holidays,

Because she cares a lot for others that are having a hard time in their life.

Brooke inside those nice expensive clothes,

Inside she has lots a few close relatives so she caught onto a

kind heart,

Inside shes lost and hurt but doesent like when people feel bad for her,

Is like any other girl except she puts others before herself,

Helping she loves making people feel better about themselves,

Loving when she sees someone down she tries to her best to make people happy,

Collects a lot of memories from her long and hard past,

Loves she goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday she LOVES god!,

Wishes that someday that she can try her best to make everyone happy.

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