Shane Johnston's® Investments

We provide top-notch Asset and Hedge Fund investment services personally to you through our exceptionally skilled financial advisors

Investment Strategies


We can help you set up a 401(k) through your employer so you can save for retirement by having the saving deducted from your paycheck before taxes.


We know of the best corporate and municipal bonds to invest in. Low interest rates yield high percentage of return.

Certificates of Deposit

We can negotiate to issue a note from your bank for a certificate of deposit. You just give us the amount and the time. We'll get the best interest rate for you.

Corporate Bonds

Corporations are always looking for loans from investors. We know the corporations with the best risk and reward.

Municipal Bonds

Local governments and agencies are also always looking for loans from investors like you. We can find the best deals.

Money Market Mutual Funds

These funds earn interest for shareholders while maintaining a net asset value (NAV) of $1 per share. They are low risk and low reward.

Junk Bonds

Junk bonds have high risk but high reward. We can find the most reliable bonds to invest in for you.

Government Savings Bonds

These are debt securities issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to help pay for the U.S. government's borrowing needs. They are low risk and low reward

Treasury Notes and Bonds

Long term maturities. These are great for investing for college tuition or retirement. They have compounded interest that increases with longer maturities.

Treasury Bills

Short term maturities. Low risk and low reward. These have high turnover rates in case you need to pull the money out for an emergency.


We can find you the best stocks to invest in. We will help you to diversify your portfolio and maximize your return.

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