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Kathy and Porto have settled the individual contract, at the same time also willing to pay cuts so that real Madrid put people as soon as possible. But Kathy and real Madrid are still not settled termination clause. Now the negotiations both sides bellyful anger, broke off the negotiations are likely to Buy FIFA Coins Accounts. Kathy and Porto, have settled the individual contract. Kathy will get a type of contract from fastrsandcheapfifa, pre-tax annual salary is 5 million euro, salary after tax for 3.5 million euros. Kathy and real Madrid contract two years left, total pre-tax salary of 24 million euros.

And what this means is that Kathy if join Porto, pre-tax salary will be a loss of 14 million euros. Who to compensate for the 14 million euros? Kathy wants and real Madrid have been concessions. Kathy is willing to take the initiative to give up 35% of the salary, which means he total pre-tax salary at real Madrid in the next two years to 15.6 million euros. Porto will give him 10 million euros, Kathy hope to his 5.6 million euros, real Madrid. In order to complete the transfer, Kathy voluntarily gave up 8.4 million euros.

Pay liquidated damages in the way that real Madrid can't agree with Kathy. The tax rate of 50% in Spain, Portugal is only 50%. Kathy wants to pay him a pre-tax salary, real Madrid so that he can pay much money less in www.fifacoin-buy.com. Real Madrid want according to the Portuguese rate card west salary after tax, so that real Madrid would have been less salary before taxes.