BY: Jett buck Interduction

Havanese are great and beautiful dogs. Havanese are playful, too. There is one thing that is bad about Havanese is that they are great at eating up everything. And sometimes they like to fetch when they fetch you have to use tennis balls.

Feeding havanese

They love squeaks, but the bad thing is they love to chew the squeaks out of them. Be sure to feed your Havanese everyday about 2 times a bowl.Now that I got you interested in Havanese don’t you want one? I’m giving you a warning you better watch out for your dog that’s going to be waiting for you to play with him/or her.


Do you guys have Havanese. Havanese are small dogs, but they can hear very well. Havanese are not the smartest dogs in the world, because they do weird things. When Havanese has children they have in between 3-6. They can have every color of fur. They have brown or black eyes. Lots of times their tale is usually curled up. Their mouth is very small.

playing with Havanese

They love playing with the squeakiest stuff, but when they do get one they rip the squeaks out of it. And for some reason, their nose Is always watery.

What does havanese eat

Dogs love to eat. Make sure your dogs eat dog food. Because they love eating cat food when cat food will make them sick. Only feed dogs real human food when they do something good.

Taking them to the bathroom

When you take them to the bathroom beware of them taking off, Because they like to case birds, and they like to Rom around. If they take off they like to walk on the side walk with is good.

Putting them in the cage

When you put them in the cage you might have to search, Because they like to hide because they don't want to go into the cage. They usually like to hide under the bed. When you put them in the cage you have to get a treat because they wont fall for it.

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