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I'm an english teacher in a primary school in Girona. I've been teaching english and arts and crafts during the last two years and I hope next year I would be able to continue doing so. My reason to start this course was to improve my teaching skills and  learn more about ICT.

Class activities

With kidblog you can create a blog for your students. Here is my post to the class blog we shared.


Wordle is a great tool to create word compositions for our blogs, pinterests or class wall :)


Tagul is similar to wordle. You have to register but it offers a wide range of possibilities when you create your wrod cloud. Change shape, colours, qword size, endless possiblities.


Thinglink allows you to create interactive images for your lessons and share them socially. Make images come alive with video, text, images, music....

Look at what I created to help me tell Gruffalo story:



Great tools to help you with storytelling and to encourage your students to create story's themselves.

Voki will help you create a characther that talks! Here I played with it to recreate my dogs appearance and making her talk about herself. Check it out!



My expectations about the course have been accomplished. I've discovered lots of new tools that are going to be really useful for my english lessons but also for other subjects and for my personal life. I'm going to continue exploring all the links and resources given and try to get used to them and find the way to apply them.

Hope to meet you all in other courses !


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3 years ago

I hope your expectations would be accomplished.