Radiation Uses in Aerospace
Tanay Singhal

Scientists are launching spaceflight instruments to measure the space radiation because radiation can affect the electronic systems in satellites. It also affects the astronauts because the radiation in space and earth are different.  Many rockets and satellites are being launched to see the different types of radiation in space to help improve their space technologies so they aren't being affected by the radiation. The American Radiation Eradication in Space (ARES) team created a shield called the Tesseract which will house and protect a dosimeter from radiation while in flight. A dosimeter is a device used to measure the amount of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation present health hazards to humans and cause radiation sickness. Radiation is also used positively for spacecraft for example, spacecraft propulsion utilizes electromagnetic wave radiation because it helps the spacecraft get momentum. Space technologies also have solar sails that rely on the radiation pressure from electromagnetic energy.

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3 years ago

Tanay Singhal