A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Elise McCandless
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Victoria Secret
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Elise McCandless

The scene of the Victoria Secret 2015 Super Bowl Commercial opens with a beautiful blonde model wearing revealing clothes while a slow song plays in the background saying, “I’m in the Mood For Love”. The ad proceeds to show more models in lingerie/bra and underwear, posing suggestively while sultry music plays in the background encouraging people to go buy their products. This was just before Valentine’s Day, which had the Valentine theme which drew guys more and more to buy this product for their girlfriends. Through the use of sexual appeal, the Victoria Secret commercial creates unnecessary expectations for women, making girls believe they don’t meet today’s standards in the eyes of their peers.

This commercial is constantly showing the different modeling women, each wearing Victoria Secret bras and underwear, reciting bold statements along with music. They add that if you buy Victoria Secret products for a girl, magic will happen. In today’s world, sex is something that sells and appeals to most people. This commercial wants to portray that if you dress like this, you will automatically become “sexier”. This ideology is degenerative to our society in the fact that women are taught that their beauty determines their value in society. If they can’t look like one of the models, then their confidence is affected. This causes women, especially teenagers, to use unhealthy methods in order to obtain that look. Anorexia is a common illness that increases from this because the women on the commercial are unhealthy as is.

This commercial ad has the firm objective of making the audience recount Victoria’s Secret as a store where you can find the perfect match of underwear and bra that is achieved and where all men and women’s needs can be satisfied. Making the audience relate to the models and draw a desire for recognition in order to achieve the perfect traits of a woman and appear attractive to men. Another issue is the insecurity the comes with wearing these clothes. They are teaching to girls that if you wear Victoria Secret, it will make you feel sexy. This shouldn’t be the image all girls desire and should feel beautiful based on the traits of their personality, not their cup size.

Victoria Secret is very one of the most well known brands that has a very good reputation because of their gorgeous, elegant designs of their clothing along with their good quality. The brand’s name is shown throughout every advertisement from start to finish, which plays on women’s emotional side. By using only the most beautiful women, they attempt to show what the audience could potentially look like with their product.The women featured on the commercial often have a high amount of work done to alter their image. Not every girl will feel as confident as the confident Victoria’s Secret models. The bodies of the models are not realistic and it is detrimental to hold ones looks to such a high standard. The ad designers are projecting an unrealistic image of women in society. In addition, women will feel as confident with their bodies as the models seem to be.

Victoria’s Secret uses logic when saying that their products will make women feel loved. The underlying theme is that the models are trying to prove to you that if you buy Victoria Secret products, “magic will happen.” This is wrong though, what you wear should not determine whether or not you should receive attention or love. Everyone knows that Victoria Secret is an exceptional brand though, because every women “needs” panties and bras, and because of this the company sends the message that you must wear their lingerie in order to be accepted and loved.

The commercial designers created an ad that successfully targets men and probably increased Victoria Secret sales exponentially. This commercial has a lot of emotional appeal throughout. First, there is the start of the music which is slow, yet electrifying with flirty lyrics which sets the pathos in an inviting mood and shows the audience how deep they can get into the electric atmosphere. When watching this commercial, the ad designer wants you to desire sex and feel lust. With the slow music, talking about love, the dark red setting, the movement of the models, posing in their little clothing the commercial successfully portrays this image. This draws much sexual appeal to men, and makes women want to be sexy like the models, wearing the brand will raise higher confidence in women.

While Victoria Secret is a high quality company, the unrealistic expectations created are very detrimental to women in our society. Girls shouldn’t be taught that they have to look like a model to be accepted in modern day society. The marketing and advertising of Victoria Secret insist on comparing young women, daughters, teens, to objects and things in order to sell them this lingerie. Victoria Secret makes millions from sexualizing women and making them feel like they need to just like the models, not themselves. We should all fear the impact of this kind of advertisement and overall message this has on us girls, and the younger generations, especially future ones as well. Victoria Secret is encouraging girls to sexualize themselves at an early start of their transitioning ages and teaching men to really value girls’ sexuality at a young age, which is dangerous.

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