Come to Canada!

Prime Minister's work

While you are in Canada come see the Parliament of Canada. The Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) works there. The government in Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy which means they have a king or queen ruling the country.

Kayaking in Canada's lakes

The rivers and lakes located around Canada are some of Canada's transportation corridors. If you love water sports Canada is perfect for that! Kayaking and Canoeing is a super fun and active way to kill time.

If you only speek English and you want to visit thats okay! Many people in Canada are bilingual meaning they can speek English and French.

One of Canada's major exports are syrup. Make sure to buy some when you stop by a local grocery store!

Lumberjacking is a big industry in Canada. There is a lot of forest and woods areas up in Northern Canada. That is where they get most of their paper. If you are looking for an adventure take a hike in the vast and dense forests.

Transportation barriers such as mountains; make it hard to ship/deliver goods to other countries. These mountains are a beautiful sight to see though!

Pierre Trudeau was one of the most famous prime ministers in Canada. He was the prime minister from the 1960s to the mid-1980s.

There is many francophones' in Canada, people who speak French, but you can also find many people who speak English. So don't be supprised if you don't understand what someone is trying to tell you.

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