the Aztec

the Aztecs were a ancient civilization that had ruled Mexico during the twelfth century. Aztec people were driven away from the valley of Mexico by other people and had sent them to a snake infested region. in 1325 they had found the swamps and islands of lake texcoco and started to build there empire. the monarch that claimed lineage with the gods held power , a council of lords and government officials assisted Aztec rulers . the Aztec believed in many gods but there was a supreme god called ometeon which represented.

Aztec empire

aztec timeline

thier cities

aztce cities

there cities were simple they had a big pyramid that was used for sacrificing people and worshiping of gods. they had small building and that's were people would live and the other buildings were for important people like the monarch. 

aztec clothes

there clothes wasn't much but some cloth skirts and some sandals and some crowns with feathers on them. the women would wear long dresses and some clothes on there hair.

aztec food

the aztec ate lots of corn in there meals they would also eat geese  duck deer and rabbit the would also eat beans avocados, tomatoes and squash.


aztec warrior

they didn't wear much clothes but a skirt and a crown with feathers


there were lots of normal people and there were farmers and there warriors and of cores there were the kings

aztec gods

they had many gods and goddess but the farmers would think the forces of nature as a god but the most important god was their sun god, Huitzilopochtli. The Aztecs also used him as their god of war.

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