Nature Photos..

Tazmanium Devil..

The Tazmanium Devil?!

My friends cat thinks he's cute when in reality he's much like the Tazmanium Devil running around the house, digging through the garbage, jumping in washers when they are trying to do laundry, and just tearing up the house. So my friend and i decided to name him Taz short for Tazmanium...

The Blooming of a Peach

I have tons of fruit trees in my backyard but my favorite is the peach tree. why? because I think that the peach tree blossom is very beautiful i mean sure the pear tree has pretty flowers and whatever but i just like how the blossoms look and the brightness on the peach tree..

The Caverns

I took this photo over Spring Break  when my family and I went to Georgetown, Texas to see the Inner Space Caverns. And I thought it was pretty cool and the rocks and different stuff formed overtime...


My Best Friends

The guitar is one of my best friends... Don't judge... The guitar is my best friend because I love music.. music is my second go to after photography of course.. but music is a way to escape from the world and just think.. don't have any distractions.. like when i take photos i take my headphones with me and just ignore the world around me ad focus on my photos..  So Tumblr... jk :)

Ouija Experiment..

Okay before you freak out we didn't actually play the board..  or maybe we did.. but besides the point I took this picture without actually posing it my friend just got done lighting the candles and setting the match in front of her when she sat the match done she started thinking of someone she lost last year and just paused in that position.. she started to cry a little but me being a photographer i took the picture and then I went over there to comfort her...  but this is one of my favorites by far...

Brotherly Love

These cute little children are my brothers.. they are 7 and 10 and this is when they came down for spring break they were jumping on the trampoline and i saw an opportunity to take a picture of then with a black back drop so i had them lay down on the trampoline and asked them to smile..

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