Modern Warfare

McKinsey Thorpe

Poison Gas

Posion gas during World War 1 was a tactic many soldiers used. Poison gas was the most feared weapon during WWI. Many soldiers were not equipped for poison gas which led to many deaths. As some soldiers had gas mask that did not always secure them from the gas. The purpose of poison gas was to be used as another weapon during WWI. It was a successful weapon as many soldiers did not expect it. It changed warfare as soldiers now had machine guns and poison gas.


Submarines were commonly called U-boats. The submarines were a big factor for the Germans as they usually were 215 feet, carried 35 men, and 12 torpedoes onboard. The purpose of submarines was to attack boats and ships that belonged to other countries. This was an successful tactic as many boats would not expect the submarines; therefore, the submarines could make their attack. Having submarines during WWI was key because it was another tactic to attack. As we could already attack by air and land, adding submarines was another key component.


The purpose of the tank during WWI was keep the soldiers protected while going into "No Man's Land". "No Man's Land" is in between the two countries and nobody has claimed it which makes it very dangerous. The tanks were also equipped with high power machinery which allowed them to demolish open trenches. Tanks changed warfare because this was another way to attack their opponents while still keeping soldiers safe.

Machine Guns

Before machine guns there were riffles, which were very slow. Riffles caused many soldiers to be injured and killed. During WWI, soldiers started using machine guns which were much quicker. The purpose of machine guns was to cause more fatalities. As the machine gun became more popular it became more feared by many and was a deadly weapon. The machine gun changed warfare as it had a positive impact on the war. The machine gun revolutionized WWI and became easier for soldiers to use.

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