Building on our Strengths

Back to School 2015 with the McClure Learning Commons

Who's who?

AMANDA HAMILTON - Media Resource Specialist/Library Media Specialist/Librarian - Curriculum and instruction support, team teacher, team collaborator, help locate and gather resources, order new resources, promote literacy and reading through a variety of programs, tech integrator, ed tech consultant, etc, etc.

SARAH MORROW - Circulation Assistant - her role is best described as "library manager." She helps students check out books, locate books, gather materials for teachers, manage learning commons on a day-to-day basis.

CTS - Campus Technician/"The Help Desk" - Technology hardware troubleshooter and repair person, helps with installation of programs and problems with classroom technology. In order to get help from this person, you put in a help request through Eduphoria.


  • When does my class visit the learning commons?
    Whenever you want! Please use the forms on the library blog to schedule time for checkouts, research, and using the library computers. I am waiting for Outlook permissions to setup a lab calendar with Cheryl for testing, then open times will be available for the lab and library computers as well.
  • How do I get technology for my classroom?
    The technology committee is meeting soon, we will make a plan for how to use the schools resources (ipads/ipad minis) to best meet the needs of all.
  • What's up with the school website?
    I help manage the school website and at some point this year you will be getting your own teacher site too. I will help train you on these when the time arises. You are welcome to link to any website you like on your directory page in the meantime, just email me the link if it's not already there (or if you ever want to change anything on your page):
  • Reading Programs Starting Now...
    - Bluebonnet Club for 3rd-5th - Students read 5 Bluebonnet books AND complete an online book response to earn extra checkout privileges & an invitation to the book voting party in January. Please let your kiddos complete reviews on class computers.
    - 2x2 Reading Program for K-2nd - Students complete a coloring sheet as they read each book to earn extra checkout privileges.
  • Fun Stuff Coming Soon....
    - Monthly Genre reading programs
    - Opportunities to share learning in the library and on the web (book commercial videos, Skype with other readers, etc.)
    - Lunch time book clubs for students
    - Preschool community story time after Stampede
    - Research and tech activities
    - Your ideas?

How do I get books/resources?

Please search Destiny for what you need and send requests to Sarah ( Students can also come down to checkout books for you - they are great at this!

To Open Destiny find "Library Search" in the NAL folder on your desktop.

Username: 6 digit ID
Password: first initial last name

The video below (from McGowen) shows how to create and send resource lists.
If you log in to Destiny as yourself you can save lists for future use too.

Morning Announcements

Open the VLC icon (traffic cone) on the presentation computer desktop for the morning announcements. I'm hoping to give all 5th graders a chance to share their learning on the announcements this year.

What now?

Sign up for an orientation time.
Look for me at your planning meetings.
Spend some time on the McClure Learning Commons website:
Look at tackk:
Follow me on Twitter @amhamreads
Let Sarah & I know what we can do to help. Have a great year!

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3 years ago

Amanda-I am super pumped about your ideas-we are lucky to have you at McClure! Go girl (-:

3 years ago

Amanda-Love all the great info! I am so glad you are part of our McClure team!!

3 years ago

Thank you, Amanda! Welcome!

3 years ago

Awesome information, thanks so much :)

3 years ago

Looking forward to a great year!

3 years ago

Thank you for answering all of our questions with a smile and confidence =)

3 years ago

Welcome Amanda--So happy you're here!

3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this neat tool!! I can't wait to learn from you this year!! :)

3 years ago

Thanks for showing us this!

3 years ago

Thanks, Amanda! You're awesome!