New Year, New You!

Five Things to do to Start Off 2014 Right

1- Clean Up Your Email & Remove Temptation: Unsubscribe from email promotions!

2- Review your finances: See where you can cut unnecessary expenses and reduce expenses also look for ways to increase investing and/or giving.

3- Clean up your bedroom: Go through clothing, papers, and items to start the new year fresh. Having less clutter lowers your stress levels especially in your bedroom that is supposed to be a relaxing place to retreat.

4- Set a fitness goal: Set a goal on how to be healthier not just lose weight. Make small daily goes, larger weekly goals, an even larger monthly goal and then one big year long goal.

5- Complete a self evaluation: Look at the things you have accomplished in the past year in your career, personal life, academics and more. Then look at areas you failed in the past year and think about how you could have been successful at them. Then look at goals for the upcoming year, these can be anything from career goals, personal goals (new perspectives or attitude adjustments).

These are things I try to do each year whether at the beginning or middle. I hope they give you some ideas on how to make yourself a better person in 2014!