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Endless possibilities await you here.

The Piedmont region of Georgia is full of exciting adventures ready to be discovered! Located in the heart of the southeastern region of the United States, Georgia's temperate climate, mostly mild weather, and numerous attractions located here in the Piedmont make a perfect setting for a vacation any time of the year. Whether tourist or corporation, Piedmont is for you!


The Piedmont region is home to many attractions that are available to you! With amusements such as Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta to the educational environment of the Georgia Aquarium, this is one place a traveler will not want to miss. Next time you are thinking about taking your family vacation to the beach, consider coming here, to the Piedmont region of the Peach State!      

Being the second-largest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta offers numerous separate exhibits, from open sea giants to deep sea mysteries, to explore. A self-guided tour is made quite easy by the many interactive screens and panels designed to enhance the experience.   There is also a 4-D theater in which shows, such as Dolphin Tales, are performed, and an inside cafe to satisfy any hunger during the experience.  


Near the Aquarium, the World of Coke, a museum dedicated to Coca-Cola (also headquartered in Atlanta), its history, and its products. It includes timelines of how Coca-Cola progressed with its beverages, and showcases "artifacts" of significance related to Coke. A behind the scenes look at bottling, as well as an exhibit showcasing the secret formula of Coke, are also featured. After the exhibits, tourists are invited to taste many of the international beverages Coca-Cola has to offer.

The Piedmont Region of Georgia is home to the many popular Georgia sports teams. The Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field and the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League play at the Georgia Dome, both in Atlanta. College football stadiums include Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, where the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets play, and Sanford Stadium in Athens, where the University of Georgia Bulldogs perform.

The Fox Theatre is listed as a National Historic Landmark, and there is ongoing restoration and preservation of this amazing theater. Celebrity singers and performers are booked regularly as well as classic performances such as "Annie," and "Mary Poppins".

Located west of Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia has 35 state-of-the-art thrill rides, including 11 roller coasters. This edition of the Six Flags portfolio is the largest theme park in the southeast. Food, games, concerts and live shows help make this a popular Piedmont Region attraction.

The Piedmont is also home to many parks and recreational areas, including the famous Stone Mountain Park, as well as many opportunities to splurge in the outdoors with camping, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. The Chattahoochee River is great for these recreational water activities.

Though these are some main activities, there are many others for you to explore!

Business Opportunities

Georgia isn't only a place for playing! The Piedmont is a stupendous place to relocate your corporation to. Both you and your customers will love the temperate climate and mild weather featured here. Dump ideas of those frigid northern states, and come work here, in the Piedmont region of Georgia.

Georgia has many industries currently prominent, though more are always welcomed. These connections could be essential to your business. Agriculture is currently a strong industry here, being mainly peach and poultry farming in the Piedmont. Manufacturing, especially car and plane manufacturing, is another important industry. Due to the abundance of granite and kaolin here, mining has also become a major source of revenue. In fact, Georgia is recognized as the world's leading producer of kaolin. Tourism and having the largest populace of all of Georgia's regions provide many customers and a large workforce to your advantage.

Several of Georgia's main physical features locate here also influence trade. The fall line, a line of waterfalls separating the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain, provides a surplus of the mineral kaolin, a chalky substances used in many products such as paint, plastic, and magazines. The Chattahoochee River is a center for hydroelectricity production, transportation, and is an attraction to many tourists for its recreational value. Finally, the Savannah River passes through the Piedmont on its way to the city of Savannah, a major deep sea port in the Coastal Plain region. This provides excellent possibilities for aquatic shipping and trade.

Though your employees may be reluctant to relocate to the frozen states of the North, the Piedmont of Georgia allows for a great experience both because of the temperate, mild climate and the many fascinating opportunities for recreation explained in the "Tourism" section of this website. Moving your company here, to the glorious Piedmont, will not be a mistake.

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