Jomar's IMAC for Auction.

Hi There!

Have you ever found a need to convert from a Windows Computer to a Mac Computer?

Just because Macs dont' get viruses?

Just because Macs are cool?

Just because Macs are faster than their windows counterparts?

Just because Macs play better with iphones/other apple products?

Well, 4th computer EVER was this 20inch Imac from 2007. It has been
with me since I began in Internet Marketing. Through the years, I've
used it for podcasting, video editing, blogging, earning money online.
For quite a time, it was the faster computer in the house.

I've since replaced it's hard disc with a brand new 2 Terabyte (2,000
Gigabyte) disc to contain most of the webinars I've shot - and
upgraded it's memory to full 4GB.

And since then, it's DVD drive and speakers both "gave out"-and
stopped functioning 100%. They still work-sometimes. I just hook it up
to my big speakers for sound when the kids use it to watch Sofia The
First or some kid's movie. Sound is still great.

The DVD drive? I haven't had any use for CDs or DVDs since the
invention of the USB Thumbdrive, so I don't really miss that.

But now it's time for this machine to bless SOMEONE else. The OS of
this Imac is the latest 2014 version of OS X Mavericks - so getting it
- you're still getting the latest software that comes with that-
Iphoto, Imovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and others.

For Sale/Auction, preloved and fully upgraded -as much as I could.

20-inch, Mid 2007 Imac
Monitor Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Model Identifier:iMac7,1
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.4 GHz
Number of Processors:1
Total Number of Cores:2
Memory: 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (Upgraded, maxed out)
3 x USB
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB

Serial Number (system):W87464CYX86

The following part of the Imac are less than 12 months old:
Hard Disc: 2 TB 7200 rpm HDD (FEW MONTHS OLD ONLY - Upgraded)
Operating System: OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) (MAVERICKS, BRAND NEW - Upgraded)

Not 100% functional:
DVD Drive

Included, pre-loved:
Apple Wireless Mouse (worth P 3,500, Upgraded from Wired)
Apple Wireless Keyboard (worth P 3,500, Upgraded from Wired)
IMAC Original Box
Apple Remote Control (controls Video Play and Sound functions)
Apple Imac Power Cord

Optional Bonus:
Very Used Apple Wired/ USB Keyboard (For backup purposes)

Minimum Bid is P 45,000 Cash (remember you're getting a 2TB months old
hard disc with this Imac - w/c is worth P 10,000+ plus the wireless
mouse and keyboard (totalling P 7,000 additional since this unit did
not come with wireless mouse and keyboard.)

Highest Bid Wins.

For the Winner: Bonus DVD: containing select super expensive ONLINE
MKTG PROGRAMS I got in the past. (4 GIGs of GOODIES)

Enter your bids below in the comments.
Note: I reserve the right to stop the auction at any time - in case I
grow attached to this machine AGAIN - so quick!
Note: Installment? Nope. You're getting the computer complete so the
payment must be complete as well.
Note: Delivery? This is a heavy computer, you'll have to find a way to
pick it up from my home in Taguig.

Deadline to respond is March 11, 2014, Tuesday.