Jillian with golden blond hair, Jillian of eyes filled with green-golden plains, Jillian whose brilliance goes to no end, is like a lily that was hidden in a sea of flowers, lives in a castle of her imagination, sees the tyrants among her in the crowd, loves the children in he neighborhood as they walk by her, runs though a sea of people to find knowledge, arrives at the place she wants.

Jillian one girl that understands everything and try to help, cares to listen to all of the people around her, cries when a sea of tears are around her, because she knows it all to be true.

Jillian inside a swirling clouds of emotions, she feels like a bottle about to burst, bullies in the school that thinks they know her, is one girl that knows not what to understand but, learns untill she knows everything, laughs about things she is true then, walks home form the place she learns form, wants to be notices but not in the sea of people, thinks tomorrow will be the sane or different.

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