New England Colonies Region Brochure

"Come and see us, for religious freedom"

The Beautiful New England region consists of the Colonies: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Weather and Geography: During the winter it may a bit cool but the snow is quite fun to play in and big hills to ride down on in a sled! If you love summers, oh man this region is for you! Bright and sunny days with a beautiful selection of beaches and wonderful tropical waters, you'll love laying on the beach all the time! If you like beautiful weather, (AND WHO DOESNT?)


Not sold on this region yet? Just you wait!

Industry of New England Colonies:

This land has amazing crops and livestock! Also, this place is known for ship building!

This Region has wonderful education that teaches you to read things like the bible. Are you hard working? Oh man, this region has opportunities for hard work to honor God, and it will help the colonies grow and grow with farming, crops and livestock! And don't forget how great the crops and livestock are, there is no doubt you will love the nutritious food!

So what do ya say? Do you want to come down to the New England Regional Colonies? We know you want too!

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