The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: logan

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

This teaching is to show people that love and respect for other people is really important. Instead of people being murder's, they should respect human life and realize how important it is.

This website shows us that murdering is not right. It also shows that there is more to life than murdering. It shows that we should respect life.

Call to family, community, and participation

This teaches that we need to be social to have good relationships. We need to be social and be good to others.

This website shows us to be social and talk with others and your family.

Rights and responsibilities   

This teaches us that everyone has rights but also has responsibilities or things that you're in charge of, or that you have to do.

This website will teach us how important our rights are, and what responsibilities we have as an American.

Option for the poor and vulnerable

This teaches us that we have to be grateful to each other no matter how wealthy we are. We have to judge people by their actions and heart, not be their looks or wealth.

This website will teach you that the poor and rich should be treated the same because in God's eye's, we should all be treated the same.   

The dignity of work and the rights of workers

This teaches us that workers also and should have the same rights as us. They need to be able to live in safe conditions and get respect for what they are doing.


This teaches us that we are one huge family and that we should show everyone love. We are all humans and should care and have our other human fellows backs.

This website will teach us how to show solidarity to one another.

Caring for God's creation

This teaches us that we need to care for animals, plants, land, bodies of water, and other humans. God spent a lot of time on us and we should repay him by taking care of his creation.  

This will teach us how important God's creation is and how we should respect it.