The Southern Colonies

Welcome to North America! Wanting a new place to stay? Well we think the best choice for you would be the Southern colonies. We have a lot of great stuff down in the south! Our 5 awesome colonies are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia! Very nice people down here!

Our 5 nice colonies just ready for settlers!

Temperature is the best!

Our temperature is very warm and nice in the summers, and not freezing cold in the winters! We want you to be happy here in this nice warm temperature! No one is getting cold down in these awesome colonies! It would be great for your live stock or your house!

Very Warm!

Food and Water!

Thanks to our temperature we now have more crops and better soil then any of the other regions around! Since we also have a lot of rivers for the crops to grow in the warm weather that the crops need. We have a lot of crops including Corn, Tobacco, Wheat, cotton. So if your a big farmer or like this stuff in general then you want to come down to our region.

Cotton was one of the most harvested items in the south!

The Best Jobs Around

      Hey you! Looking for a job that you like and can make lots of money off of. Then you came to the right place. We have lots of jobs! Here is just a few that you might like. You can be a tobacco, cotton, or rice producer. You can make those trees you hate pay by chopping them down. Or you can be shipping naval supplies. Any of those sound fun? Come down and give this place a try!

Look at all that cotton!

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