Best Runescape F2P Guide For Players In 2014 Playing

Since the can upgrade their magic degree without updating there constituion, Magic pures could dangerous. In f2p these pures might not be prominent because they have unsteady shield and not a quite higher max favorite. Mage pure traing is generally made use of to develop a hybrid pure. There are 3 excellent ways to educate magic

Number 1 - the really pricey way

Levels 1-3 Cast Wind Strike

levels 4-11 Cast Confuse

Levels 12-19 Cast Weaken

Levels 20-43 Cast Curse

Levels 44-55 Cast Superheat ore

Levels 56-99 Cast High Alchemy or proceed Superheat Ore

Number 2 - Not precisely the pure means.

Play hand of Guthix (FOG) till degree 99, takes a long period of time and increases constitution.

Number 3 - Some what lengthy and inexpensive much.

Cast wind strike on the dummies in lumbridge from level 1-99( takes around 1.3 million gold).

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